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Thobile Ntaka

The concepts used to explain the points presented in this paper draw from many  disciplines including computer science, systems theory, human neurology, psychology, physics etc. This means that visualization is not a pure science but a derived one. This can be problematic especially within each discipline lies paradoxes and conflicting schools of thought.  Which discipline gets priority? Does this affect the rendered results and interpretation? eg colour


This Polaris interface is used to display table-based graphics from multi-dimensional relational databases right? What about OO  and OR databases? What about today's tons of  audio, sound data types  that are not stores in table but on online farms and clouds? Does this mean Polaris already has got an expiry date?

Tableue Prac

This diagram aims to show how the mining sector has perfomed over the last decade. This may shed some light on why some politicians are seeking to nationilise mine "for the benifit of the poeple".