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Tableau Projects

  1. There are more deaths caused by HIV and AIDS than other illinesses in Southern Africa than in East Africa.
  2. Is there a correlation between HIV and AIDS deaths and Literacy?

There has been a thought that HIV and AIDS is causing more deaths than other illnesses, especially in Southern Africa than Eastern Africa. Most deaths in Southern Africa are not caused by HIV and AIDS. HIV and AIDS howeve, is causing more deaths in Southern Africa than in Eastern Africa. It is also clear that there are more deaths from this other illiness which cause more death than HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa than Eastern Africa.

There don't seem to be any correllation between literacy and HIV and AIDS because it shows illetiracy is concetrated in Eastern Africa were deaths from HIV and AIDS are less as compared to Southern Africa there are more death rates.

This might be that HIV and AIDS has been getting a lot of attention and hence governments and people neglecting other diseases which might be more dangerous and lead to more deaths.

The blue color in the graph below represent Southern Africa and the purple one East Africa.

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