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Helet Botha (3)

"many different styles of interaction techniques serve a relatively small set of purposes. For example, unfolding sub-categories in an interactive pie chart [15], drill-down in a treemap [36], and semantic zooming [32] all may appear very different, but we argue that they serve the same purpose, getting more details."

1 - What could have caused the phenomenon described above? Contextual specifics? Difference between individual minds?
2 - Under reconfiguration. With reference to 'jitter' (Spotfire) and 'spread dust' (Dust & Magnet) - what would the rationale be for only shifting position? Couldn't the designers have considered adjustments in color to prevent/overcome the oclusion?   
3 - The difference between encoding and reconfiguring seems a bit blurry, doesn't it? At least semantically. The problem I had with this might be explained by the fact that some interactions serve more than form of user intent.
4 - a table with the complete classification of each one of the functions in the systems mentioned (and studied) would have been... nice.