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Domain: US Geographic Data - 1990 Census

States in the Northern part of the American continent have a higher population and the higher the population, the bigger the size of the state.

The above mentioned hypothesis is a prediction about the US geographic data gathered from a census in 1990. To test for this hypothesis, a graphical representation of all the states in the American continent was visualized in a map with all the different states color coded. A map key was displayed to show how the different states match to different color codes and population sizes. The size of the color coded circle correlates with the state population size. An interactive feature was added to the map such that once a given state is selected, then all of its geographical information including the state name, postal abbreviation, area size, population, are displayed on a table below the map.

The results from the visual representation of the census proved the hypothesis to be wrong. The states in the Northern part of the continent are not densely populated compared to those in the Eastern part of America which at the same time have a small area size.

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