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Inge Appelgryn

  Unidentifiable Freaky Occurrances

There is an ALARMING amount of UFO spotting being reported in the United States. Why are some people seeing these foreign flying objects and others are not? My area of interest is to determine whether these testimonies are plausible seeing as the accuracy to them seem to be “unidentifiably freaky incidents”

Is there a correlation between the average IQ of a state in America,  to that of the number / amount of UFO’s being reported to have been spotted?



UFO - O - O - O

The data did indicate that there is a correlation between the average IQ and that of the amount of UFO's being reported to have been spotted. It seems to show that the majority of UFO's are being spotted in the states where the average IQ is lower. I do propose further variables to maybe be taken into account, belief systems, education, etc, which might also be implicating this problem domain.