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Helet Botha (2)

Description of the domain problem:
Wimbledon Cluster (at the University of Stellenbosch) is made up of 4 residences and 2 PSOs. As part of the First Years Academy (FYA) initiative, the mentor systems within residences and PSOs is receiving more emphasis. The idea to allocate first years to a mentor group based on their field of study is becoming the predominant one. However, because the number of first year that will enter the res/ PSO in a specific year is very unsure up until the last minute, and the individual's field of study is also uncertain, mentors do not get appointed based on what they study.
This leaves the residences and PSOs with the following problem: the appointed mentors' area of academic expertise hardly match up with the group of first years academic needs.  

The cluster structure enables the residences and PSOs to 'borrow' from each other, when it comes to academic mentoring. But, exactly where the excess and where the shortage lies is hard to determine: six groups with different numbers of first years and different numbers of mentors are involved - and these groups' academic capabilities and needs change every year.
Being able to draw up a visual presentation of the differences might help the HKs to respond quicker and with more confidence.
Initial hypothesis:
My initial hypothesis is that the 'borrowing and lending' will predominantly take place between groups that differ based on sex; i.e. the men will be borrowing from the ladies and the ladies will be borrowing from the men.
(If you had gone through trouble deducting and adding all of the percentages in the database, admittedly, you would have been able to develop a feel for to which other residences/PSOs a certain res/PSO might go for help.)
Visual representations:
The presentations have been uploaded to the Cluster Convenors blog:
BCom: The res/PSO with the biggest problem is Sonop. They should approach either Vesta or Helshoogte.
BA: Helshoogte and Eendrag are in need of more expertise. Sonop, Aristea or Vesta coul help.
LLB: The groups with the biggest problem is Aristea and Irene. They could approach Eendrag and even Vesta for  help.
BIng: Vesta would have the biggest problem. Both Sonop and Irene have a problem, but to a significantly smaller extent. These groups could approach Aristea and Helshoogte.

The hypothesis holds true for BCom and for LLB.