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Armand De Villiers

Problem Domain:

In the modern age equality is a very important goal, this applies across ethnicity and sex. A very important area that is under scrutiny for this is education, it was primarily dominated by white males for much of the last century in western countries. There is thus a need to compile the current statistics and see if this still holds true and what can be done to further equality.


It is likely that history still holds true and that white people are still more represented in education, but I also guess that the female to male ratio will have improved because of the strong feminist movement.

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White people are still the most represented and this is thus a goal that needs to be worked at to have more of the other elasticities be represented in education areas.

It also appears however that there are now a greater number of females than males in this area though, and measures in place here could have over-compensated and that should be examined.