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Andre Hugo

Problem Domain
SHORT SUMMARY: Mountain biking sales in South Africa: What is the target market? 
DESCRIPTION: Stats from one of the biggest Fun Ride events where taken to research possible findings. The more serious mountain bikers are about their sport the more they will spend (implied). Thus if it can be established which category of people are competing more, these groups can be targeted in marketing strategies.    

Hypothesis/ Questions
  1. Young males between age 20-29 will do better than other participants.
  2. Mountain biking is a sport dominated by people under the age of 40 

Code Wrapper

The first point seems not to hold its truth. There is a wide spread of age group that finished under the top 200. Even as old as 60 finishing in this category position.
The second point also seems untrue. The pie graph shows that from the 1787 entrants more than half (933) are over the age of 40.