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P: Tableau

Select an interesting / important dataset from the example projects page, or from any other source. Use Tableau Public to create visualisations of the data with which you can perform an analysis. Create a sub-page to this one, named yourfirstname-yourlastname, in which:
  • you briefly describe the problem domain,
  • formulate one or two initial questions or hypotheses concerning the data,
  • embed the visualisation dashboards that you've made to examine your hypotheses and finally
  • describe your conclusions.
Keep in mind that everything you save with Tableau Public becomes available on their website. To embed your dashboards, you'll need to use a Code Wrapper gadget. See my example for how to do this.

If you have a blog, feel free to publish your work there as well. Also keep Tableau Public in mind for future publications!

Notes / lessons learnt:
  • Being able to write Python / Ruby / Perl scripts with which you can prepare datasets for importing into Tableau is advantageous.