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Mtingwi - Motlhala


Problem domain - Crime in South Africa
There is has been a lot of crime taking place in South Africa, which led to some people around the world saying negative statements about South Africa hosting the soccer world cup. Crime in South Africa has been so immense especially car theft/hijacking, robbery, murder, rape, commerce theft and assault that would sometimes leave some people dead. These crimes however, differ in numbers from area to area or province to province. To reduce these crimes there is a need for serious action by authorities. There is a need to direct resources towards alleviating these crimes. For proper deployment of resources to different provinces or areas there is a need for analysis of crime records or information from different provinces to find out which province is most hit by crime, according to different crime categories. 

So,the purpose of the project is to comparably find the intensity of crime, according to different crime categories in different provinces in South Africa. This is to facilitate better planning in terms of deploying resources to alleviate or reduce crime.


Is crime decreasing or increasing in South Africa? 

Literature Review

The Home Office in UK is using Instantatlas InfoVis which is an inexpensive yet powerful data visualization and presentation tool. It is being used in the UK and internationally by national, regional and local crime and policing bodies for online crime mapping and reporting. It enhances the value of data by making patterns and trends in crime statistics easy to see and explore. No specialist expertise in software development or GIS mapping is needed - yet the results can be stunning and highly effective.

InstantAtlas is being used at a national, regional and local level in the following areas:

  • Reporting of crime statistics to external citizens - this area is covered in detail on the JDI Crime Science Lab web site
  • Reporting of crime statistics to internal staff and partners, for example performance reports to management, delivery of local policing profiles, out-of-the-box neighbourhood information systems and area profile reporting tools
  • Highly interactive presentation tools to use in community workshops, management meetings or one-to-one sessions

The report outputs from the application can be linked to databases to deliver live crime dashboards or they can be completely stand-alone and portable. Stand-alone reports require no database or Internet connection yet still deliver a richly interactive user experience. This makes them ideal to load onto a laptop, CD or memory stick for presentations and interactive workshops.

InstantAtlas™ improves the management and communication of location-based statistical data. InstantAtlas enables information analysts, researchers and GIS professionals to create highly-interactive web solutions that combine statistics and map data to improve data visualization, enhance communication, and engage people in more informed decision making.

More information about specifics

GeoWise have been working in the UK and internationally for over 10 years delivering innovative, market-leading data reporting and visualisation solutions for location-based statistical data. We offer off-the-shelf products designed specifically to make it easy and fast for you to deliver visual data using maps, charts, tables and area profile reports.

Proposed Solution
An application that is proposed is the one that can be used for representation of any suitable data graphically. It is not specifically designed for dealing with crime data. The application should allow the user to manipulate and present data graphically according to their needs. For example: the application should allow the user to sort, query or present data in a different graphical format or orientation. These should be made possible through a well defined and designed user interface. 
To carry out the project, the application is being developed using JavaScript InfoVis tookit,  html and cascading style sheet can be of help. Javascript InfoVis that will help in coming up with visual representation (bar graphs) of data for ease analysis.

The CaptaIntelli Infovis (name of proposed application) is unique to South Africa for crime data manipulation and analysis. The application is different from other existing applications in that it only shows one view at a time which promotes readability than having many view at one time on one small screen. Compared to Instantatlas of UK, the UK one is robust because it was developed by Geowise with business focus. However, Instantatlas has many features the proposed solution should implement.The application is compatible to any operating system and will be running  on either desktop  or server to ensure portability.

The source for crime information used is the following link:

Story board
For the story board, snapshots for the developed application and the future work to application view the attached Storyboard.pdf file.
For the CaptaIntelli infovis application download the attached InfoVis.Project zipped folder. To run the application use html file called project located in:
    InfoVis.Project\CaptaIntelli Infovis\Application\

Conclusion on crime in South Africa
Using the data on crime for the year 1994/95 compared to 2005/06, the conclusion is that crime rate in South Africa is generally not decreasing. However, it showed some decrease in other crime types.

Team Member Contribution
The contribution for each member was  50 - 50 in the following ways: Mokeresete a.k.a "Kriz" Motlthala was a lead person in the development of the application and John Mtingwi was a lead person  in the problem domain definition and storyboard. We also worked together in the compilation of the final report. Our approach was initially to brainstorm, agree and then implement the solution

John Mtingwi,
Oct 10, 2010, 6:54 AM
John Mtingwi,
Oct 10, 2010, 4:42 AM