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Final Report

Final Report:


The project resulted in a pie graph able to display the GDP of multiple Continents and Countries and it is also able to display the changes in GDP over time for each of the entities displayed. By hovering the cursor over any section it displays the actual value used to construct the graph which can then be used to calculate the real GDP that is represented.

A problem was encountered by the huge disparity between countries and even between continents, the large economic powers completely overshadow the smaller ones. The tool does exactly what it was meant to, but the reality that it reveals has just too large a difference to be displayed without losing information.

That being the case, options were added to split between the top continents and the lower ones that are on a more comparable scale to each other. Options were also added to show the top country from each of the continents so that they can be visually compared.

The multiple options show how this can easily be extended to compare any collection of economic entities, given that they are on a similar scale. Non-scaled entities can also be compared, but it will only be able to show the massive gap not any real information. It is possible in this non – scaled environment to show though that some countries have a larger GDP in a year than others have had over the last 5 years.



Possible Improvements:


Currently when hovering over the graph it displays exact information of the GDP for that year and country, but it would be great if the graph itself were clickable to be able to zoom in on  more specific information such as from the World View, clicking North America and then seeing a graph representing that area. At the moment this is achieved by following links in navigation pane, but the tool will be enhanced by this greater interaction capability.