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De Villiers


Analysis of Problem:

The Wold runs on money and as such there needs to be ways to compare the economic standing of Countries, Trade Unions and even Continents. One of the prominent measures used is Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but considering that this is measured every year for every country, it becomes a staggering amount of data in a very small amount of time. With such a large amount of data it is very difficult to get a quick overview of the bigger picture instead of just comparing two countries on a table.


Possible role of InfoVis:

InfoVis can help by allowing the information to be displayed in a form where many countries can be compared at the same time and in a way that yearly changes in GDP can easily be seen for the region that is under consideration.


Proposed Solution:

I will attempt to map the GDP for each continent onto a Pie graph. Pie Graphs are a good way to show relative sizes and as such will make it easy to compare Countries or Continents to each other by just looking at their “slice”. Comparing just one year at a time though would not be a great improvement to looking at a table, so I will also attempt to map multiple years as layers on the slices to compare multiple entities not just at once but also performance over time at a single glance.


Literature Review:

The closest I could find was a company TradingEconomics that uses multiple time series to display similar information, but the more countries that are added the messier it becomes. Hopefully this will not be the case with the proposed solution.

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