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Storyboard 1
- brainstorming, searching for ideas, coding and types of data
- found an idea for a  tool, which we thought had real potential

Storyboard 2
- Problem?
(- Tool helps advisors or facilitators get the (or at least a) message across more effectively and less ambiguously)
- This is a good time to develop and sell a tool like this. Most organisations are confronted with messy problems, having to change and adapt quickly, having to adopt a new strategy at a very quick pace, having to manage knowledge consciously and effectively. 
- BUT, unfortunately, change is not something with which people, in general, are good at. 
- Working towards a common understanding of relationships and being able to absorb this without losing much time and energy could help to gain employee buy in, employee input, avoid financial losses, avoid bad press etc. 
Happy-Productive Managers (Hosie, Sevastos & Cooper): "It's become integral for developed organisations to actively address soft issues if they wish to become learning organisations and gain a competitive edge.

Storyboard 3
- messy, dynamic, ever-changing situations, which involve people (this is where having a BA degree helps)
- We used a school as an example. Why? Personal experience. 

Storyboard 4
- Requirements
- Depict complexity in a simplistic way

Storyboard 5
- Design

Storyboard 6
- functionality

Storyboard 7
- the process of deciding on a name (shouldn't create expectations which will not be met, it should 'sell' the product)

Storyboard 8 & 9
- the size of the circles?
- the thickness of the connections/lines?