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Appelgryn_le Roux


Crime is a major problem in the world and various projects have been launched to empower communities to fight crime and raise awareness. In accordance with these projects we have taken it on ourselves to develop a central point of visualized crime data statistics for Australia, but which can be adjusted with statistics from any country.
Perception of crime in a country is often inaccurate and this can lead to ineffective laws and policies getting passed by the government. For example the news may have you believe that there are a lot of murders that occur on a daily basis; however murder is statistically the crime that is least likely to occur.

Public and Societal perception often get influenced by Certain shows such as CSI Miami, COPS and NYPD Blue can also give the public a false view of crime. For example CSI gives us the misperception of what a CSI agent’s job entails, or generalizes crimes by popularity of occurrences on the show.

On the other hand news coverage is not connected to the actual crime and it focuses on violent crimes, rape, terrorist, and stereotypes. Even when the crime rate decreases the news coverage has been known to increase. Generalizations, interests, propaganda, and stereotypes all play have an impact on the quantity and quality of information that is reported to the general public.

Violent crimes are obviously more interesting then burglaries so the news reports on them; however the problem with this is that people watch the news in order to get a realistic view of what is going on in America and the world. The media and the news make it seem as if the crime rate is very high and this gives the public a poor perception of country’s criminal justice system.
Inge Appelgryn,
Oct 8, 2010, 6:37 AM
Louis le Roux,
Oct 8, 2010, 6:39 AM